Monday, May 21, 2012

The Master Plan

I suppose the best place to begin is with a plan.  My goal is to have enough units to battle all of the engagements of the summer of 1814 on the Niagara Frontier;

1)  The Battle of Chippawa
2)  The Battle of Lundy's Lane
3)  The Siege of Fort Erie
4)  Porter's Sortie from Fort Erie
5)  The Battle of Cook's Mills

In addition, I would like to develop some 'What if?' scenarios, but more on that later.

My main reference will be the book 'Niagara 1814 Final Invasion' by Jon Latimer from Osprey books.  This book gives basic orders of battle for the above listed scenarios, along with detailed maps to assist my terrain building efforts.

Other sources include "Red Coats and Grey Jackets the battle of Chippawa" and "The Battle of Lundy's Lane" by Donald E Graves.  Lesser known battles like the one at Cook's Mills will require some research.

As for Miniatures, I recently came across a beautiful line of 28mm 1812 soldiers designed by Forrest Harris under his company name of Knuckleduster.  I am so impressed that his line will form the bulk of my American army.  Other companies include Perry Miniatures, Victrix, and Old Glory.

As mentioned in my last post, I am going to be using the "Black Powder" rule set by Warlord Games.

Next up:  My first purchases.

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