Monday, May 21, 2012

It begins

I suppose introductions are in order.  My name is Tim, and I have been wargaming since I was 16, some 23 years back.  I grew up and still live in the heart of Niagara, amongst the battlefields and forts of the war of 1812.  To this day, intrepid treasure hunters still recover musket balls, buttons and cannon shot in the nearby battlefields, remains of fallen soldiers are sometimes unearthed for the scars of conflict can still be found here.  My fascination with the history of this area has driven me to make purchase of miniature soldiers of pewter and plastic in an attempt to relive the battles on table top in my basement man cave. This blog is intended as a wargaming aid for those who wish to recreate the battles in miniature that happened on the Niagara frontier some 2 centuries ago.  My plan is to make available scenarios for use with the miniature wargame rule set 'Black Powder', but you will find that the scenario stats could easily be adapted to whatever rules you are using.

I started this day by walking the battlefield of Chippawa which is but 10 minutes from my home.  Nearly 800 American, Canadians, British and Native were reported dead, wounded or missing there.  The battlefield has remained just as it was then and it is Canada's most preserved battlefield.  I pray it stays that way.

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