Monday, June 18, 2012

Reinforcements Arrive!

My second order from Knuckleduster arrived last week and so my paint brush has been feverishly painting.

I now have the following units painted or ready for paining:

Brig Gen W. Scott (Painted)
9th/22nd  - 24 figs (Painted)
11th - 24 figs
25th - 24figs
Brig Gen Ripley
12 US Militia
12 US Artillery Crew
2 x 6 pdr
1 x 12 pdr

1st Reg Royal Scots - 24 figs
8th Regiment - 24 figs
100th Regiment - 24 figs
Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada - 24 figs
Lincoln Militia - 24 figs

Also on the way are:
12 more US Militia
Brig General Porter (Kentucky mounted commander)

I just need a few British Command units, Artillery and 24 Native warriors and I will have enough to give Black Powder a go with the Chippawa scenario. 

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